Website Error Messages Error 403, 500 etc.

Website Error Messages Error 403, 500 etc.
possible causes

There are many scenarios that can trigger 403 Forbidden Error the following are the common causes:

• Corrupt .htaccess file
• File permission issues
• Incompatible or faulty plugins

PHP version errors:
Please make sure the correct PHP version is set in your controlpanel (domains > phpswitcher) which is compatible with your website application, otherwise the website will not work and an error message will be displayed.
Make sure your website application and all plugins, themes etc. are up to date!

.htaccess errors:
.htaccess files must not contain any PHP parameter or other incorrect entries, otherwise an error page will shown.

Error pages are loaded from your browser cache:
sometimes old error pages are loaded from the webbrowser cache instead of the internet, please clear the browser cache and then click the „Reload page“ button or restart your computer. To avoid loading outdated cached pages in the future, in the browser settings you can set „always load current page from the Internet“ and restart your browser afterwards.

Mod-Security blocking:
Mod-Security is an apache firewall and primarily protects against SQL injection.
Some applications require individual settings for Mod-Security, please send us a support ticket in this case.

Using of WordPress & Joomla blacklisted plugins