GLOBE.LU Email issues – Apple SMTP error can’t send emails

Please empty your outbox first! Check whether the connection is configured for NTLM and not password. If so, try switching the authentication to password. Please make sure the OS and email client software are up2date. Test whether the password is correct, log in to Webmail with all your accounts that are used in the network and set the correct passwords everywhere. Do not copy passwords […]

Delivery issues with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

If a recipient has marked one of your emails as unsolicited mail or as spam, the recipient’s mail server can move your email to the spam folder or it can be rejected. In such cases, you need to apply a delisting for your domain name from the respective provider. Gmail: Office365: Hotmail: Apple: Yahoo:

Why incoming E-mails are blocked or filtered?

It often happens that legitimate emails are being rejected or moved to the spam folder by ISPs. A blocking is caused when: – the sender mailserver is listed on too many blacklists – Spam Complaints – Malware or spam signatures were detected – Invalid Email Addresses – Technical Issues, the sending mail server is set-up incorrectly or DNS entries for PTR and SPF are missing […]

Too many recipients error mass and bulk emails

Bulk (mass) e-mail is not allowed on the shared hosts because it cause blockings and blacklisting of our mailservers. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. will ban the IP address of your mail server and do no longer accept any e-mails for all customers on this system. Bulk emails are not allowed as it results in complete mailserver blockages due to their policies on sender rate limits. […]

Setting up an email client – details

Please use an email client that supports TLS / SSL v1.2 or later e.g. Outlook 2016, MacMail on MacOS 10.11, Windows 10 mail, Android 5, iOS 9 or newer. First, please update your OS and Email client software – see details for outdated TLS issues! How to view and change the Windows Registry Settings for the SSL/TLS Protocols on a Windows Host and […]

Sending mail from Outlook results in error 0x800ccc80

Sending mail from Outlook results in error 0x800ccc80 Solution: Change the encryption type from None to TLS or Auto If you receive the above error in Outlook please do the following: – Click on File > Account Settings > Account Settings – Select the email account, and then click Change – Click More Settings and navigate to the Outgoing tab – Check ‘My outgoing server […]

Your connection is not fully secure – message

Message: Your connection is not fully secure If you see this message you need to update your web browser (email client) to the latest version. At least TLS version 1.2 is required, TLS v 1.3 is the current version. The problem can also occur if you have not activated an SSL certificate for your website to use https. You can request a SSL certificatet in […]

Email rejected – Unauthenticated email from

We recommend using your real mailbox instead of email forwarding to external providers. Email forwarding can cause delivery issues e.g. If an email has already been forwarded several times the mailserver sender origin (valid email header & DNS) is no longer detectable for the receiving mail server and these e-mails are mostly rejected or moved to spam folder. Another example: You receive an email from […]

TLS Version 1.0 and 1.1 Deprecation – Email Clients

If you are using an old mail client or an old OS, it is possible the software does not support TLS 1.2 or 1.3 and therefore your emails are not working anymore on your computer. If your emails don’t work it means your mail client (Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook) does not support TLS 1.2 or 1.3. It is therefore not up to date and is a […]

Blacklisted URL Shorteners and etc.

Emails containing shortlinks from „“ and „“ etc. are banned by many email providers. These URL Shortener services are being misused to distribute spam, malware, virus and phishing attacks via their short links. Therefore emails which contain such short links will probably end up in the spam (abuse) folder or may no longer be delivered or forwarded. Top 10 of abused redirectors (URL Shorteners): […]