GLOBE.LU ControlPanel

Can’t login into ControlPanel

Please ensure that caps lock is off, and your Account username & password is correct. Do not copy passwords from a Word doc or HTML e-mail because they contain invalid characters while copying, copy from plaintext texteditor (notepad) instead. If you cannot remember your Account password, please click „Forgot Password“ button and enter Your email address and submit. An activation email will be sent, please […]

Login – ControlPanel, Webmail, WebFTP & PMA

Important: please do not use a PopUp blocker or Javascript blocker, the web browser must accept java and cookies. You will find all URLs for your services such as Webmail, WebFTP, PHPmyAdmin, ControlPanel in Your Login details we have sent (controlpanel details). These URLs can also be found as buttons in your ClientArea please navigate to services area.

Software Installer

You can find the software installer in our Webtools area of the ControlPanel. Please make sure that a new empty database and a database user (incl. password) has been set up before using the installer. Add an empty database and username e.g. User: mydatabase1 Database: mydatabase1 Password: my password Enter your database details from above and select the webfolder (htdocs) location (keep default setting for […]

PhpSwitcher – change PHP Version

If you need to change the PHP version, you will find a PHPswitcher in your Control Panel under: Domains> left menu> PhpSwitcher recommended PHP version is PHP 7.4

FTP up & download

1. You need an FTP client such as FileZilla: 2. Please setup a new FTP account in Your Control Panel > FTP eg. User = ftp Password = Your Password Directory – leave blank Login with FileZilla: Port = 21 Server = server name (see controlpanel or login details) Username = Password = Your Password If you want to speed up connection transfers […]

DNS Zones – modification

All required DNS entries are already set up by default. If you need to change your DNS records or zone please send us a ticket from your ClientArea. Please indicate your domain name and enter all valid DNS entries as text into your support ticket.

Add a new database

ControlPanel > Database Add an empty database and username e.g. User: mydatabase1 Database: mydatabase1 Password: my password Please use „localhost“ as database server in your application setup