Why WordPress is blocking my connection?

we have had a few support requests from wordpress users who have locked out themselves …
In these cases, third-party plugins e.g. Jetpack, Wordfence, All In One WP Security or other third-party plugins were installed.
When using such plugins, please note that you can block yourself and others quickly if these plugins are not set-up properly.


If you cannot establish a connection to us please try to restart your DSL router (Fritzbox) afterwards also restart your computer.

Sometimes outdated error pages are loaded from webbrowser cache, please clear the browser cache and then click on the „Reload page“ button or restart your computer. To avoid loading outdated cached pages in the future, in the browser settings you can set „always load current page from the internet“ and restart your browser afterwards

If you have connected other devices between your DSL router (fritzbox) and computer (switch, gamebox, Terra-Box, etc.), restart them and then restart the DSL router (fritzbox) afterwards, also restart the computer.

Important, please read!
We use an Anti Bruteforce firewall to protect your passwords & websites from being hacked.
At max. 3 Incorrect logins (website, FTP, email) the IP address is blocked for approx 30 minutes, this can also happen with your own IP address if too many incorrect logins are made. Please always use the correct login details, a blocked IP will be automatically removed after 30-60 minutes.