GLOBE.LU Avoid problems

What’s not allowed?

To ensure a stable operation of our servers following applications & activities are not allowed: – Outdated CMS, Scripts or applications with security-critical vulnerabilities – So-called Nulled Sripts (software piracy) are forbidden, these accounts are immediately deleted! – websites and scripts that have been hacked or compromised – IRC robots, Chat, Game applications, video & audio streaming – URL Shortener applications – All applications & […]

Warning about pirated software

Warning about pirated (nulled) software, templates and plugins Do not use so called nulled (hacked) software or templates of f.ex. or sites on our servers. All these nulled (hacked) scripts have been manipulated and are connecting your website with a botnet, so the botnet admin then has access to your complete web account and can use it for criminal activities like credit card […]

Email PW hacked – have i been pwned?

Check if you have an email account that has been compromised in a data breach Create your SECURE passwords using 8 characters or more, keep passwords safe and do not store login details in your mailboxes.

E-mail forwarding to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Bulk (mass) e-mail is not allowed on the shared hosts because it cause blockings and blacklisting of our mailservers. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. will ban the IP address of your mail server and do no longer accept any e-mails for all customers on this system. Bulk emails are not allowed as it results in complete mailserver blockages due to their policies on sender rate limits. […]