Nextcloud Server

CLOUD SERVER Nextcloud preinstalled

Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. Nextcloud is free and open-source, allowing anyone to install and operate it on a private server. Project website Nextcloud

- NVMe SSDs (RAID10)
- PHP 7.3
- Calendar (also as CalDAV)
- Addressbook (also as CardDAV)
- Collaboration (comments on files, keywording)
- Activity display
- Photo gallery
- Music and video playback
- bookmark management
- Task Scheduler (To-Do-Lists)
- Newsreader (reading news feeds)
- Editing text files with support for Markdown
- E-mail program
- Listening to internet radio
- Kanban project management
- Creating mind maps
- Evaluation of geodata in GPS Exchange Format
- Password management (KeePass integration)
- Creating charts (including network, flowcharts, business processes, UML)
- Text recognition (OCR) for images and PDF files (use of Tesseract)

Nextcloud files are stored in conventional directory structures, and can be accessed via WebDAV if necessary. User files are encrypted during transit and can be encrypted at rest (requires encryption to be turned on). Nextcloud can synchronise with local clients running Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8), OS X (10.6 or later), or various Linux distributions.

Free: Firewall | Bruteforce Protection | dDos Protection | Anti Spam | Anti Virus

Cloud Server BACKUPS optional
monthly costs 20% of the package price.
The backups are created automatically on a daily basis. A total of 7 slots can be archived. Manual backups are also possible.

NextCloud Entry1 vCore2 GBSSD 20 GB1 IPv4 + 1 IPv61 GBit/s - 20 TB Traffic6 €Order Now
NextCloud Pro2 vCore4 GBSSD 40 GB1 IPv4 + 1 IPv61 GBit/s - 20 TB Traffic12 €Order Now
NextCloud Business2 vCore8 GBSSD 80 GB1 IPv4 + 1 IPv61 GBit/s - 20 TB Traffic19 €Order Now
NextCloud Enterprise4 vCore16 GBSSD 160 GB1 IPv4 + 1 IPv61 GBit/s - 20 TB Traffic29 €Order Now
NextCloud Power XXL8 vCore32 GBSSD 240 GB1 IPv4 + 1 IPv61 GBit/s - 20 TB Traffic46 €Order Now
All prices incl. 17% VAT. Valid VAT for customers of other EU countries will be calculated while checking out. Billing annually or quarterly - No hidden costs.