Virtual Dedicated Servers

VDS - Virtual Dedicated Servers

Powerful Intel® Xeon™ processors, ultrafast SSDs and optimized for sustained use - KVM virtualization.

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Billing annually or quarterly - No hidden costs.
Server Location: Luxembourg Server Location Luxembourg

VDS-11 vCPU1 GB30 GB SSD1 IPv4, 1 IPv6unlimited9 €Order Now
VDS-22 vCPU2 GB50 GB SSD1 IPv4, 1 IPv6unlimited14 €Order Now
VDS-34 vCPU4 GB100 GB SSD1 IPv4, 1 IPv6unlimited29 €Order Now
VDS-46 vCPU6 GB200 GB SSD1 IPv4, 1 IPv6unlimited44 €Order Now
VDS-57 vCPU16 GB400 GB SSD1 IPv4, 1 IPv6unlimited49 €Order Now