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Browser certificate warnings

If you see a warning message because of unsafe content, please read:

Your connection is not fully secure – message

Message: Your connection is not fully secure If you see this message you need to update your web browser (email client) to the latest version. At least TLS version 1.2 is required, TLS v 1.3 is the current version. The problem can also occur if you have not activated an SSL certificate for your website to use https. You can request a SSL certificatet in […]

How to Fix Website is Not Secure Browser Message?

Why does my website say it’s not secure? Any modern browser will display the “Not secure” warning in the address bar when your website is using HTTP instead of HTTPS. An SSL certificate can be used to encrypt and decrypt data transferred to and from your website. The best way to deal with the question “Why does my website say not secure?” is to install […]