GLOBE.LU Connection problems

Why WordPress is blocking my connection?

we have had a few support requests from wordpress users who have locked out themselves … In these cases, third-party plugins e.g. Jetpack, Wordfence, All In One WP Security or other third-party plugins were installed. When using such plugins, please note that you can block yourself and others quickly if these plugins are not set-up properly. Details: If you cannot establish a connection to […]

TV Box or Game Box in use?

A TV or Game Box such as PYUR can cause interference in the internal network if it’s not configured correctly. If you use such devices in your network, you can try to change the DNS settings. In that case it can be helpful changing the DNS server e.g. to the standard Google DNS – and Details: and

My connection IP address is blocked?

If you cannot establish a connection to us please try to restart your DSL router (Fritzbox) afterwards also restart your computer. Sometimes outdated error pages are loaded from webbrowser cache, please clear the browser cache and then click on the „Reload page“ button or restart your computer. To avoid loading outdated cached pages in the future, in the browser settings you can set „always load […]

Message: Your connection is not fully secure

Your connection is not fully secure If you see this message you need to update your web browser (email client) to the latest version. At least TLS version 1.2 is required, TLS v 1.3 is the current version. The problem can also occur if you have not activated an SSL certificate for your website to use https. You can request a SSL certificatet in your […]

Interruptions & Network Problems

We always take care to avoid interruptions, please note that we have no influence on external network problems. In some cases short-term connection problems can occur when maintenance work is carried out. For further information see our Network Status page:

How to Fix Website is Not Secure Browser Message?

Why does my website say it’s not secure? Any modern browser will display the “Not secure” warning in the address bar when your website is using HTTP instead of HTTPS. An SSL certificate can be used to encrypt and decrypt data transferred to and from your website. The best way to deal with the question “Why does my website say not secure?” is to install […]